Dec 10, 2014

Taiwan releases first firing footage of HF-3 'carrier killer'

Taiwan's Chung Shan Institute of Science & Technology has released footage showing the indigenously made Hsiung-Feng III (Brave Wind III, or HF-3) supersonic anti-ship cruise missile and Tien Kung III (Sky Bow III, or TK 3) surface-to-air missile system successfully completing test firings.
The footage is the first showing of these missiles in service.
The HF-3 featured in the test was launched from first-of-class frigate ROCS Cheng Kung (PFG-1101).
The HF-3 is the third in the Hsiung Feng series of surface-to-surface supersonic cruise missiles, all of which use an X-band monopulse planar array active radar seeker. Details of the missile were first released in 1998, and it was conceived by CSIST after the 1996 Taiwan Strait crisis. Its objective is to deny People's Liberation Army Navy warships access to the strait and to deter an amphibious invasion by reinforcing the potential for a high casualty rate.

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