Dec 12, 2014

First Tiger HAD Block 2 Attack Helicopter Delivered to the French Army

The French Army’s Tiger combat helicopter fleet expanded yesterday with delivery of the first two attack helicopters in the HAD Block 2 version. These two Tigers will join those already in service for the military, which have proven their capabilities during operational deployments in Afghanistan, the Central African Republic, Somalia, Libya and Mali.
The “Block 2” version brings additional enhancements that now offer the full capacity of the HAD version, including improved targeting accuracy for rockets, the addition of combat external fuel tanks that provide longer flight times while still enabling the full complement of armament to be used, an extension of the flight domain in which Spike and Hellfire anti-tank missiles can be fired, and the integration of digital communications for operations in today’s digital battlefield. The HAD block 2 helicopters are also “navalized,” allowing their use from ships and in sea environments.

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