Dec 8, 2014

Iranian Airstrikes In Iraq Suggest Warming Relations With US, Maybe Even Coordination

Iranian jets conducted airstrikes against Sunni extremists in Iraq last week along the two countries' border, according to various media reports. The U.S. has not officially confirmed the airstrikes, although U.S. officials have said they did take place, and Iran has denied them. But if the airstrikes took place, the U.S. likely knew about them, experts said, and tolerated them. This would mark a momentous shift in relations between Washington and Tehran, analysts said, even if the U.S. had not coordinated the airstrikes with Iran -- which the Pentagon's press secretary said it did not do.
The lack of a strong reaction from Washington, and even the remarkably relaxed tone of several top officials when discussing the possibility of Iran hitting inside Iraq, indicates a deep change of attitude.

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