Dec 10, 2014

Russia completes initial An-124 upgrade programme

Russian company Aviastar-SP has finished the modernisation of six An-124-100 Ruslan 'Condor' strategic transport aircraft for the Russian Air Force.
The sixth An-124 flew to its home base near Sescha on the 24 November. The final aircraft follows the delivery of one upgraded An-124 in 2012, two in 2013 and three in 2014.
The modernisation process has included the upgrade of some aircraft systems in order to maintain/improve their capabilities, increase their reliability and to extend the service life of the aircraft.
The An-124-100 is the largest military transport aircraft in the world and forms the backbone of Russia's Military Transport Aviation (MTA) fleet. The aircraft plays a key role in the transport of heavy military vehicles and cargo, and can also be used as a launch pad for space launchers in some programs.
Serial production of An-124-100 was ceased in 2004. Although some Russian and Ukrainian aerospace companies had been negotiating to revive the serial production of An-124-100 with the ongoing political crisis this is no longer being considered.

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