Dec 26, 2014

Iranian Army Detects Foreign Spy Planes During Large-Scale Drills

Iran's military have detected and issued warnings to several foreign aircraft intercepted during the first day of a large-scale military exercise.
The aircraft were not from countries in the region.
Iran's military exercises, code-named Muhammad Rasullullah (Muhamad the Messenger of God) which involve the country's Army Ground Force, Air Force, Air Defense Force and Navy, started on Thursday and will last until December 31.
According to Tasnim, the first two days of Iranian drills will be devoted mainly to ground force exercises.
During drills on Thursday, Iran flew two versions of its domestically-produced Mohajer (Migraint) reconnaissance drones, the Mohajer2-N (M2-N) and Mohajer 4 (M4). Both versions of the Mohajer drones can handle a wide range of civil and combat tasks, including aerial reconnaissance, search and rescue, cartography and oil pollution patrol missions. The Mojaher drones can also be armed with missiles. The newest of two, the M2-N drone was unveiled late in November at the International Iran Kish Airshow.

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