Dec 22, 2014

Iraq Requests Abrams Tank, Humvee Sale

The US State Department has signed off two potential sales to Iraq, one for for M1A1 Abarams tanks and another covering M1151A1 up-armored Humvees.
The Abrams request would deliver 175 of the heavy tanks. Those tanks would be in the upgraded configuration featuring a 120mm gun. Also included in that sale would be 15 M88A2 tank recovery vehicles, tens of thousands of rounds of 120mm ammunition, 190 AN/VRC-92 vehicular dual long-range radio systems and 700 M1028 commercial utility cargo vehicles, among other support gear.
The second sale would deliver 1,000 Humvees to the Iraqi forces, equipped with M2 .50 caliber machine guns and MK-19 40mm grenade launchers.

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