Dec 14, 2014

US to Raise Finance of Israeli "Iron Dome" Defense System

United States Congress will vote, in the next few days, on a resolution to raise its financial contribution to the Israeli Iron Dome system to 1.2 billion dollars.
Congressional negotiators agreed on a resolution to spend 1.1 trillion dollars, including 351 million dollars to finance the Iron Dome in 2015, according to the PNN.
The financial project reportedly covers a sum total of 619.8 million dollars for the Israeli arms program, including an extra 172 million dollars for missile defense systems.
However, the resolution holds back 175 million dollars of the total sum until the Israelis provide more documents, to the Pentagon and Congress, in regard to the program and behind-schedule plans to build part of the system in the United States.
Congress' condition is to involve US companies in manufacturing parts of the Iron Dome in collaboration with Israel's "Rafael" company for arms development.
PNN further reports that "Raytheon", a major American defense contractor and the world's largest producer of guided missiles, won an Israeli contract last September to supply $149.3 million in Tamir missiles, the projectiles used in Israel's Iron Dome defense system.

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