Dec 6, 2014

Spain buys Patriot Missile Batteries from Germany

Spain has approved the acquisition of a Patriot defense system, surplus from the German Ministry of Defense.
The agreement comprises a central of operations of the and two batteries of forty missiles, carrier vehicles , communications equipment and complementary elements of logistics and maintenance.
The deal is part of NATO 's commitment of support to Turkey against the Islamic threat . Spain will deploy a Patriot Battery to Turkey this winter.
In 2004, the Spanish Army acquired a Patriot battery, equipped with a radar, a Director of fires ( ECS ) and eight launchers capable Centre each to four missiles , including missiles missile capabilities; but did not include the Central Monitoring and Information (CBI ) needed to integrate the battery into the System Air Defence and / or missile or communications systems needed for the link between the ESC and the ICC, covering with security area in its 360 degrees.
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