Feb 3, 2014

Final Flight of The Dambusters

The Royal Air Force’s 617 Squadron “Dambusters” have flown their final mission over Afghanistan and will be returning home to disband.
The last flight was a mission in support of coalition troops; the Tornado Force in Afghanistan fulfil the vital Close Air Support and Reconnaissance roles, providing protection and information from above directly to commanders on the ground. This task is now handed over to No II (Army Co-operation) Squadron from RAF Marham.
During their final operational tour the Dambusters flew 188 missions, clocking up more than 1500 total flying hours supported by 11,352 engineering man hours.
The Dambusters have a legacy of low level flying from their origins in World War II. In Afghanistan they carried out 14 Shows of Force, flying fast and low to deter enemy forces from attacking coalition ground troops.

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