Jun 7, 2014

RAC MiG contemplating a fifth-generation fighter based on MiG-35

RAC MiG is contemplating building a fifth-generation fighter which would use its current MiG-35 platform as a "foundation" for the introduction of new technologies.
RAC MiG President didn't detailed how advanced studies are, but believes it is very likely that the new combat type will be developed, and to be ordered.
The development wouldn't bring MiG into conflict with its sister airframer Sukhoi, which is developing its own stealthy type, the T-50/PAK-FA.
The two aircraft are quite different projects and each would be targeted to resolve different missions.
The maximum take-off weight of the current MiG-35 is around 5t lighter than that of the larger T-50, providing greater efficiency for the majority of projected missions.
However, in the meantime RAC MiG is still waiting for confirmation of a long-awaited order from Russia's defence ministry for the present MiG-35.
All the relevant documentation covering the deal for an undisclosed number of aircraft is with the Russian ministry of Defence.
Export orders are also being pursued, with Egypt recently linked to a commitment for 24 examples of the Klimov RD-33MK-powered type.
Additionally, in April RAC MiG received an order for 16 additional MiG-29SMTs for the Russian air force, which will keep the production line active until work can start on the newer model.

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