Jun 5, 2014

U.S. Global Hawks Operate in U.K. and Japan

The U.S. Air Force’s fleet of RQ-4B Global Hawks has been busy in recent days, touching down in Japan and participating in NATO exercises over the U.K. for the first time.
A 40-man strong Global Hawk detachment arrived at Misawa Air Base in Japan on May 24. However, the Air Force did not release how many Global Hawk air vehicles are currently operating out of Misawa. The unit will operate out of the northern Japanese base until October.
Meanwhile on the other globe, the United Kingdom (UK) Ministry of Defence (MOD) released a statement saying that Global Hawks had operated over Britain for the first time on May 29 during a NATO exercise called Unified Vision 2014.
According to the MOD, the Global Hawk flights were aimed at assisting in the development of the NATO Alliance Ground Surveillance (AGS) system. The AGS will comprise of five modified Block 40 Global Hawks equipped with a ground-surveillance radar.

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