Oct 6, 2014

Army Apache helos used in strikes against Islamic State

US Army pilots for the first time used an Apache attack helicopter to strike Islamist militant targets in Iraq over the weekend, according to a statement by CENTCOM.
On Oct. 4, “U.S. military forces used attack bomber, fighter and helicopter aircraft to conduct six airstrikes against ISIL in Iraq”.
On July 1, the Pentagon announced that it was sending an unspecified number of Apaches to Baghdad to help protect embassy personnel in an increasingly uncertain situation as Islamist extremists allied with Sunni tribes continued to take swaths of territory in the north and west of the country. The U.S. military also sent a number of RQ-7 Shadow drones to Baghdad at the same time.
The Saturday strikes near Fallujah struck two mortar teams and what CENTCOM characterized as “a large ISIL unit and two small ISIL units.”

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