Feb 5, 2014

Azerbaijan to modernize MiG-25 foxbats included in Air Forces’s inventory

Azerbaijan will modernize Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-25 (NATO codename Foxbat) military aircrafts included in the inventory of the Air Force in the Aircraft Repair Plant of Azerbaijan.
Aircraft Repair Plant of Azerbaijan has implemented several modernization projects of MiG-25 foxbats so far. The Plant’s last project was related with the modernization of MiG-25 foxbats of Algeria Air Forces.
Azerbaijani Air Forces’s inventory includes 10 modified items of MiG-25 foxbats, 6 of MiG-25PD and 4 of MiG-25RB.
Azerbaijan purchased 8 items of MiG-25 foxbats from Kazakhstan in 1993.

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